Stress is actually a response made by an individual to the various internal and external factors of nature. In fact, it makes you feel upset and lose balance. Moreover, you could see that these days stress is the most common problem that rules out the life of every individual. That is why you begin to consider stress as one of the negative aspects of your life. But considering biological viewpoint, you should see that stress has some positive or neutral impact as well.



First of all you should know that there are both external as well as internal factors which are responsible in causing stress. The external factors include like differences in relationships, problem at your work place like school or office, economic problems, busy schedules. In addition to this, the internal factors do include worrying, thinking negatively, pessimism, inflexibility and perfectionism. You should know that the situation which creates stress is known as stressors. In most of the cases you could see that the situation is a self created one. In such cases, you begin to imagine the situation where you start to worry extremely and this makes you feel stressed out.



Over all, there are four types of symptoms like behavioral, cognitive, emotional and physical. The behavioral symptoms include like getting isolated from others, irregular eating and sleeping, addicted to smoking and alcohol, backing off from responsibilities, biting nails etc. The emotional symptoms include like getting agitated, feeling moody, get lonely, short tempered and getting depressed. The cognitive symptoms are being judgmental, getting irritated, lacking concentration, always considering the negative aspects of life, worrying unnecessarily. The physical symptoms are chest pain, feeling nausea, pains, getting cold frequently, and diarrhea etc.



If you are under stress, then obviously should consult a doctor. At the same time, you should begin to think positively and be assertive. Next, you should try to follow certain relaxation techniques including yoga, exercise, and meditation.


In addition to this, you should try to follow a healthy, well balanced life including healthy meals. You should try to socialize with people and spend time with those who makes you come alive. Besides these, you should definitely consult psychologists who have great expertise in the field of stress management. Well following all these would definitely make you get rid of the problem.


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