Osteoarthritis: A Natural Treatment With a 100% Recovery


Osteoarthritis can attack any joint present in the body but it may severely attack joints present in hands, knees, hips & spine. Osteoarthritis gradually becomes worse with passage of time if no legitimate prescription is taken.

Osteoarthritis-Treatment by OPTM Health Care

Osteoarthritis-Treatment by OPTM Health Care

Treatment Recommended by Other Hospitals:

The specialists in other hospitals may suggest active Physiotherapy Treatment (PT) or Occupational Therapy Treatment (OT) to enhance or improve the functionality and movement of joints. For reducing the inflammation of joints, they use chemically composed drugs with no guarantee of no after effects. At the point when pain is extreme, surgery may be recommended by them which may cost you high but with no 100 % recovery.

How We are Different:

Treatment provided in OPTM Health Care can lessen or diminish the pain and help you to remain active. Here at OPTM Health Care, we conduct the treatment in a very systematic & scientific manner with no side effects.

We conduct the treatment in three phases: Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. When you will be in Phase 3, you will be completely alright; we assure you a 100 % recovery with completion of our Phase 3 Treatment. By our treatment, aggravation or inflammation of joints can be decreased without the use of any synthetically made medications.

Dr Apurba Ganguly, founder of OPTM Health Care is solely responsible for all the accolades for inventing of scientific & natural treatment techniques. A sustainable approach is delivered by Dr. Apurba Ganguly for achieving knee symmetry in osteoarthritis by phytotherapeutic treatment which costs you less and offers a 100% recovery.


7 responses to “Osteoarthritis: A Natural Treatment With a 100% Recovery

  1. After the life killing dengue with a platelet count of nearly 11,000, I was saved but doctors told me that it will takes 6 months to recover from joint pain because the bacteria directly attacks the joints, but due to certain circumstances, the pain didn’t went and it prolonged for more than year, I rush to each pole and every pillar to find the right treatment for back and knee pain but didn’t got , on advice of one aunt, I visited OPTM ,they suggested me certain herbs and now my pain got vanished and now got free from those pain giving physiotherapy sessions.


  2. I am totally satisfied with treatment of OPTM Health Care. Dr Apurba Ganguly and his team are good experts that helped in giving relief from pain due to slip disc. They gave me some therapy for relief and also their physical management coordinator himself assisted and helped in doing physical exercises.

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  3. I am totally impressed with the treatment of OPTM Health Care. After falling from bike, i develop knee injury and it was so bad that i cannot bent my knees. I went to many doctors but no one was able to provide me exact solution. After hearing about OPTM Health Care,i immediately rush to that place. They suggested me certain therapy which helped me in recovering my pain.


  4. I was feeling helpless and hopeless from past 2 years because of my constant failure in my career. Professional life may be tough, and its perfectly normal to feel sad or irritable or depressed in your struggling period. Optm healthcare provided me medical help and motivation sessions are also available here .We are more power than we think. Thanks optm for ur immense support.


  5. My brother is suffering from Migraine from last one year. He tolerates severe painful headaches many times in a day. Sometimes his headache accompanied with vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to flash of sound and light. Due to continuous attacks of Migraine, my brother wasnt able to concentrate on anything. After attending various sessions of Migraine relief from OPTM Healthcare, my brother anurag is in good heath now.


  6. I would like to mention just a word of appreciation that is Thankyou to Dr Apurba Ganguly and his team of doctors for giving relief in pain and Knee Symmetry of my father in a short period of time and understanding and cooperating with me at times when I was very rude to staff of OPTM.
    Once again thanks to OPTM Health Care.


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