VARCO by OPTM health care – a herb-based answer to varicose veins

With many people turning towards more natural ways of treatment, OPTM stands as a leader of herb-based treatments with its special range of phytomedicines. Recently, the healthcare has introduced VARCO, a natural herb-based medicine for vein related ailments. The medicine is expected to harness much response owing to OPTM’s success in alternative medicine. VARCO is a much better alternative to surgical treatments and helps avoid the hassle of operations. It is also comparatively economical and can be afforded by even the lower income groups.OPTM health care

The medicine is said to have many healing properties and can cure in innumerable ways. VARCO can help promote dissolution of thrombi, cause body tissues to contract/ tighten, prevent or to retard blood from clotting, reduce swellings and encourage growth of new cells, besides many other benefits.

Dr Apurba Ganguly, chairman and founder of OPTM, has said that VARCO is specifically designed for people suffering from vein related disorders. Varicose vein is particularly common and can be caused due to various factors. VARCO is a bio-energetic herbal remedy based on active phytochemicals of plants. It is a much superior alternative to other forms of treatment which are either surgical or allopathic.

Chronic constipation, dietetic errors, lack of exercise, smoke, stand or sit for long hours and obese are conditions which can lead to varicose veins. Even pregnancy may cause varicose veins due to increased pressure in the pelvis and abdomen. This is because the veins lose their elasticity, become elongated and tortuous. As a result, veins become dilated and the valves which ensure that blood flows towards the heart do not close to prevent backward flow of the blood.

VARCO by OPTM is expected to bring relief to people suffering from vein related painful disorders. This phytomedicine-based alternative has raised hopes for many.


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