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Osteoarthritis is a medical condition where the cartilages covering the end portion of the bones begin to degenerate with time. Well the degradation affects subchondral bones, articular cartilage and joints. It has been seen that the abnormality mostly attacks hips, knees. For your information should know that osteoarthritis is also known as the degenerative joint disease or degenerative arthritis. Moreover, you could even call it as wear and tear arthritis which actually indicates the inflammation taking place in the joints.

Causes Of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis mostly occurs when cartilages present in the joints begin to lose its elasticity and becomes stiff. Once the cartilage begins to degenerate the tendons, ligaments stretch out resulting in unbearable pain. Researchers have found that people often do inherit the disease in the form of the defective cartilage. In fact, those who are born with abnormalities in the joints and spine often do get affected by osteoarthritis. In addition to this, you should know that excessive use of joints often accentuate the problem to a greater level. Besides these, obese people should be careful enough as they face the problem very often. Moreover, people who are having rheumatoid arthritis have cent chance of getting osteoarthritis. It is very important to know that growth hormone in excess amount or excess level of iron even does enhance the problem. Beside these, you should jot down that there are other causes like inflammatory disease, homochromatosis, congential disorders, diabetes, marfan syndrome, ligamentous, infection in the joints.
Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

The first visible symptom is that you would feel pain, sore in your joint areas especially during movement.
Sometimes, you might feel pain after long hours of inactivity or due to excessive movement.
In addition to this, after resting for long periods you might feel stiffness.
You should also get swelling along joints.
People affected with osteoarthritis do complain that the severity of pain increases due to high humidity and cold temperature.
Sometimes, people do see that the tendons do get contracted and a crushing sound could be heard.

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