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The Man Who Proves The World Wrong !

The world says ‘No Cure for Osteoarthritis’.

Even though millions throughout the world have been suffering from an epic disease called Osteoarthritis the world did not have a cure till date. Medicine and other conventional treatments present in the market can help you to reduce your symptoms of osteoarthritis and allow you to do your daily activities to a certain extend but can never regrow your damages cells, tissues, cartilages, etc. and make you free from pain lifelong.

Solution Found For Osteoarthritis

Where the world says there is ‘No Cure’, A noble man proves them wrong Scientifically Throughout the world a large number of patients suffering from osteoarthritis are undergoing knee surgery and knee replacement every year. Though the surgery or replacement methods are expensive, these cannot make both knees symmetrical in all anatomical measurements. A recent journal published proves for the first time, a noble method, alternative to knee surgery by topical applications of phytoconstituents.The treatment involves topical applications of phytoconstituents from medicinal plants by manually applied with wooden roller and pulse-therapy technique for a period of 42days. The  patients  recover  completely  from  osteoarthritis  pain and both their knees become  symmetrical anatomically , supported by  pathological and radiological observations. As per the publication in the Internation Journal OfPhytoMedicine, a noble scientist has found a solution for this epic suffering.


 The Man Who Proves TheWorld Wrong

ApurbaGanguly a scientist and a visionary in the medical industry, has been turning his dream of a ‘pain free world’ into a reality for the past few decades. The fact that he genuinely feels wary of people giving short term relief for their own profits, has made him way more aggressive in putting an end to illnesses that cause such adversities.His innovative approach, backed by sound theoretical as well as practical knowledge,has earned him many accolades.

Highlights Of The Treatment

  • Stiffness of muscles can be reversed
  • Muscular wasting can be repaired
  • Inflammation of joints can be reduced without any chemically composed drugs
  • Calcification / de- generation can be rectified
  • Muscular strength can be increased
  • Supporting belt on waist or knee joints are not required from the day one of the treatment
  • No bed rest is required
  • Gaps between bones / vertebrae can be increased
  • Reduction of genu varum ( an exaggerated bending outward of the legs from the knees down that causes the knees to be spread apart when the feet and ankles are touching) is obtained
  • Extraction of the fluid accumulated in the knee joints is not required and dependence on pain killers or steroid can be withdrawn from the day one of the treatment.